Then you need "How To Start A Nonprofit", a 36-page, information-packed eBook (PDF format) by Michelle Nusum-Smith, owner and principal consultant at The Word Woman LLC!  In it, you will learn:

  • the difference between nonprofit, tax-exempt, and 501(c)(3)...they are not the same,

  • the state and federal government agencies you will need to file paperwork with,

  • what you must do before "the paperwork",

  • who you need on your team…because you cannot do it alone,

  • how to select your first board members,

  • how obtain tax-exempt status,

  • how to plan your first year, and

  • much more!

Michelle also discusses other options you have to “do good” if you determine starting a nonprofit isn’t right for you.

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Thinking about starting a nonprofit? 


At The Word Woman LLC, our service delivery focuses on enhancing the skills, knowledge and resources of our clients for greater impact and lasting sustainability. After nearly 20 years in the sector, Michelle Nusum-Smith started The Word Woman LLC in 2010 to help nonprofits, government agencies and individuals to achieve their missions to do good. She has worked in health, housing, education, and human services. Clients of The Word Woman LLC benefit from Michelle's extensive nonprofit experience as chief executive, staff, board member, and volunteer.

Consulting, Coaching and Training

We help nonprofits, government agencies, and individuals develop the skills, knowledge and resources to achieve their missions.
How To Start A Nonprofit

Change the world. Keep doing good.

​​​​​Michelle Nusum-Smith, owner and principal consultant at The Word Woman LLC, has been helping nonprofit organizations and the individuals who support them for over 20 years! She and her team can help you, too!